The Father Of Quality Lager

A project by Carlsberg Foundation

Rebrewing the first Quality Beer using original purified yeast.

The Rebrew project

Carlsberg is re-creating the Father of Quality Lager. It is brewed from the world’s first pure yeast, extracted from an original living sample that survived 133 years in a Carlsberg bottle recently found in the brewery’s old cellars.

A project by Carlsberg Foundation.

The Father To Most Beers In The World

As beer sickness was a widespread problem, Carlsberg decided to give its unique pure yeast away for free to other breweries around the world. Today, most lager beers in the world originate from that pure yeast discovery, including major international brands.

A project by Carlsberg Foundation


The Discovery Of Pure Yeast

In the old days, brewing beer was an unpredictable process that often resulted in undrinkable beer due to a widespread phenomenon called “beer sickness”. However, in 1883, Carlsberg were the first to purify yeast. This groundbreaking discovery made it possible to make quality beer from every brew.

A project by Carlsberg Foundation


The Carlsberg Laboratory's 140th Anniversary

The Carlsberg Laboratory is home to some of the most extraordinary inventions of the past century, ranging from Professor Dr. Emil Chr. Hansen’s method of purifying yeast to the development of the pH scale, the concept of protein structures and the characterization of enzymes that now enable low temperature clothes laundering. 

A project by Carlsberg Foundation


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A project by Carlsberg foundation